Our Philosophy

Five Millennia developed from the following set of underlying values and philosophies:

  • We are part of an evolution of ideas that began in Ancient Egypt in about 3000BC and has continued uninterrupted through to the present day. All our explorations of history are framed in this context.
  • There is an objective truth. At Five Millennia, we love science and reason as well as art, and we feel that without it, education loses its common language and its cultural relevance.
  • Subjectivity and relativistic philosophies have made an enormous contribution to big picture western philosophy. These ideas and practices will be explored where relevant throughout our project.
  • The science of psychotherapy was developed in the early 20th century by Sigmund Freud and others. The ideas that began with psychotherapy are now used daily, in some form, by most people in western culture. We assert that the process of self-understanding through psychotherapy is meaningless without the context of culture. In short: understanding our own culture creates a healthier life.
  • Western civilisation has had a destructive effect on our physical environment. The way we are evolving is no longer sustainable economically, socially or environmentally.
  • Everything we need to know to fix our problems and heal ourselves psychologically and socially is contained somewhere in the vast resources of scholarship and learning developed over five thousand years of western civilisation. This wealth of knowledge in the context of our current situation is invaluable.
  • Academic discourse can be intimidating and can alienate people from learning otherwise simple ideas. Some academic discourses have caused a lot of crucial information to cease being taught altogether, in favour of newer writing. We aim to restore this balance.
  • Higher education is currently constrained by the need to deliver vocationally oriented education. It is not longer focused on creating balanced individuals or a healthy society. Hence the importance, purpose and vitality, of Five Millennia.