A few years ago I began compiling a list of thing I want my children to know before they leave my care. I have added and taken away, and will continue to do so, but here it is for now.

1. Life is shorter than you think.

2. Your life has a purpose and your soul (the greater part of you) knows what it is. Finding this out is the most important thing you will ever do.

3. There are many different ways of receiving information from your soul. You have to find the one that works for you.

4. You will meet very few people in your life that truly love and respect you. You will learn how to identify them using your common sense and intuition. Some of them will help you with point 2.

5. When you identify a person as one who loves and respects you, treat them with gratitude and respect always.

7. Do not have very high expectations of most people.

8. Currently people with white skin dominate the economy. They have achieved that through slavery and genocide. Do not think that being one of them makes you superior. You are equal to all people and should look them in the eye.

9. When you realize you have made a mistake, find a way to show you are sorry while keeping your dignity and knowing that mistakes do not make you unworthy.

10. Check yourself regularly for mistakes.

11. Other people will frequently make mistakes that hurt you. Use your common sense and intuition to protect yourself. Know that your soul is indestructable and let no human convince you you are less than perfect. Forgiveness is a blessing that comes in its own time.

12. Life on Earth is finite and filled with limitations. Accept these as part of life. The fun is working out how to create something wonderful despite them.

13. Using drugs and alcohol to avoid pain always makes it worse and always causes harm to those around you.

14. Read. Books are a record of the wisdom, truth and understanding that have been bestowed upon and created by humans so far. They will show you the way into your soul and how to love.

15. Never accept external definitions of truth, beauty and love. These are things you need to define for yourself. Devote plenty of time to exploring and contemplating this.

16. Do not believe the many stupid things you will hear in your life about sex. Your body is yours and you get to explore it and learn how to share it as you wish. Trust yourself. Have fun.

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