The Five Millennia Mission

In every level of human society, in every part of history, the arts and culture have played a vital role. The role of the arts is to provide context and meaning to the lives of individuals.

Without context we are nowhere. Without meaning we are no-one.

Our broken universities are no longer serving this aim. They view us as a source of dollars, to be given the skills to ‘maximize our efficiency’ in the workplace. We are more than that.

At Five Millennia we are on a mission to restore cultural literacy to all the members of our community. We think this is the most vital project facing humans on earth today. Without understanding who we are and where we are from, real change is impossible.

Many people are developing new technologies. We are developing new ways of using it. We are using technology to educate, to stimulate, to stake our claim on evolution in ways we can be proud of.

You are invited to join us.